Readers Advisory Resources

All About Romance 

F1-bPe_Y_400x400Your complete guide to all romantic books! All About Romance contains book lists, author interviews, book reviews, and user commentary.


Bookseer tells your book fortune! Just type in the last book you read and Bookseer will use his powers of deduction to predict what book you should read next.



Goodreads ranks all varieties of books! Goodreads book lists include factors such as genre, subject, and even book color!



Your source for all kids books! Kidsreads include reviews, author interviews, and book lists.


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Maps the similarity between authors! Just type the name of any author in the box and see which other authors are similar.

NoveList Plus

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NoveList Plus will help you select fiction to read, based on books you have read, authors you enjoy, or topics in which you are interested.


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Whichbook generates lists and suggestions based on a variety of factors. These factors include content, tone, and story structure.