Staff Picks

staff picks

Each month, Beaumont Library District staff members offer recommendations on some of their favorite books. 

Find out what the staff recommends each month by viewing the list below.

Some recommendations are recent releases, while others have stood the test of time. 

Each recommendation is followed by a comment on why the title was suggested. 

Click on the image to see if the item is available to check out!

  1. July 2023
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  3. September 2023
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July Cover

Recommended by Devon

oshinoko Opens in new window
Drama & murder mystery in the Japanese entertainment industry. 
A top anime in the Spring '23 season!

Recommended by Tamara

themaid Opens in new window

Entertaining novel involving a socially awkward 25 year old maid, murder, and unexpected friendships.

thenightdiary Opens in new window

Fascinating children's novel based on real events in 1940s India during the largest mass migration in history.

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