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Each month, Beaumont Library District staff members offer recommendations on some of their favorite books & DVD’s. 

Find out what the staff recommends each month by viewing the list below.

Some recommendations are recent releases, while others have stood the test of time. 

Each recommendation is followed by a comment on why the title was suggested. 

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Recommended by Jasmine

clanofthecavebear Opens in new windowAn oldie but goodie! Excellent story that grips you from the first page. An orphan who is reaised by an early human clan.

danceofthieves Opens in new windowThis was an excellent story of a female street thief. Definite Aladin vibes, but much bigger!

lovelessA truly wonderful story of friendship and love for a girl who is aseual/aromantic. I love everything from this author!

Fun light fantasy read between a demon & witch. Book 1 of Mead Mishaps series.

Recommended by Julia

houseofborkenangels Opens in new windowBeautiful story about a family facing their patriarch's last days.

Recommended by Tamara

theotherfword Opens in new windowInsightful book meant to remove the stigma of sing the word "fat" as well as inspire and encourage readers to embrace their bodies and find a welcoming community.

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