Staff Selections


Each month, Beaumont Library District staff members offer recommendations on some of their favorite books & DVD’s. 

Find out what the staff recommends each month by viewing the list below.

Some recommendations are recent releases, while others have stood the test of time. 

Each recommendation is followed by a comment on why the title was suggested. 

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  1. July 2021
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Recommended by Allison


A classic British mystery.

theuninvited Opens in new window

1918 flu pandemic, love, and loss.

Recommended by Annyah

crythebelovedcountry Opens in new window

Emotional and thought provoking with character you care about.

Recommended by Bronwyn

thegirls Opens in new window

A fictional yet poignant look from the viewpoint of conjoined sisters.

Recommended by Devon

exhalation Opens in new window

Philosophical sci-fi short stories that make you think for far longer than they took to read.

snowcrash Opens in new window

The definitive post-cyberpunk novel. Equal parts prescient, funny, & very, very smart.

Recommended by The Director

newsoftheworld Opens in new window

A great story that became a major motion picture with Tom Hanks.

Recommended by Jasmine

mexicangothic Opens in new window

This book was a spooky, dark and magical ride set in 1950's Mexico.

Recommended by Julia

lostgirlsofparis Opens in new window

Highlights the contributions of the female resistance fighters in WWII.

Recommended by Sarah

theloop Opens in new window

Think "The Matrix" meets "Black Mirror" and Amazon original "The Wilds."

Recommended by Tamara

eatandrun Opens in new window

Love combination of author's running journey and vegan journey/recipes.

secondsgn Opens in new window

Interesting graphic novel which shows the consequences of getting a second chance at life.