Staff Selections


Each month, Beaumont Library District staff members offer recommendations on some of their favorite books & DVD’s. 

Find out what the staff recommends each month by viewing the list below.

Some recommendations are recent releases, while others have stood the test of time. 

Each recommendation is followed by a comment on why the title was suggested. 

Click on the image to see if the item is available to check out!

  1. October 2021
  2. November 2021
  3. December 2021
  4. January 2022


Recommended by Allison

turnofascrew Opens in new window

A classic ghost story perfect for Halloween!

Recommended by Devon

lacasa Opens in new window

Una hermosa novela grafica sobre la familia, la perdida y los recuerdos.

fullmetal3in1 Opens in new window

The greatest action/adventure story ever printed in comic form.

Recommended by Jasmine

enchantress Opens in new window

An entire new fantasy world with enchanters and magic. This is book 1 of a 4 book series. So good!!!

fromheretoeternity Opens in new window

Fascinating book about death rituals around the world! Highly recommend this book!

Recommended by Sarahsmashedmanofdreadend Opens in new window

A creepy and spine chilling middle grade read perfect for Halloween.

Recommended by Tamara

highonthehog Opens in new window

Fascinating book showing how foods from Africa shaped the culture of America.

houseofborkenangels Opens in new window

Epic novel that focuses on two days in the life of Mexican-American family involving a funeral & a birthday.

stillalice Opens in new window

A touching & heartbreaking novel of a woman's decline after an early-onset Alzheimer's diagnosis at the age of fifty.